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@britneyspears 📖👛🐣
@debar2529 Avon pitcher? I had one like it. Wish I had kept it...
@daisy_patricia91 Hey i have tea cup set wow
@annspade I HAVE THIS VINTAGE VASE! 😊 @charspade
@gympsum1999 you are my super woman
@sluttypuffin Wow
@msgenealogy #avon
@jersey_core 🦑☕️
@vouilloudqsa @quispinadesign
@karenfernands Lindo brit!!! Pode postar quantas fotos de xícara você quiser!!! A gente ama
@demetriuskuriakedes Yeah I love roses 2.... Especially damask! That's the rose they put in to Chanel 5.
@goduto86 My mom has this avon vase😍
@hairapywithhannah I have this!❤️
@rozie6882 I have three of these that I’ve collected, two green and one blue!
@cellequisommeille Beautiful pastel green calm Brit..🌺🕊️
@mamphy7 I have this
@zhuravlevasvetlana83 very very nice) L L L K L Llo
@tmorgrn JADEITE!
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