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Britney Spears @britneyspears Britney Spears
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@britneyspears New Closet ... A New World 😜
@beyoutifulme87 I want that closet! Holy clothes!! I thought I had a lot.
@gergscal @kirsten_scalera
@gibomb23 Whats with the baby talk?
@jade.kaufman @ezramcdonald
@thehannahrichards @kristina.richards87 @laurencarrie25 found it!!!!!
@christinedhall @amboullie
@katielove__ @mrsmelissawhite @lau_diamond
@cassieseek @michellecava18
@christynhenderson @hannahjhack @mary_kates
@jasminebautista @adamame_beans @kate_kmd I’m sure you’ve seen this but I’m dead Rn
@quintinrodgers_ @bellarodgers
@ms_ashweeee @seiannnajustine look at her in this one. How shes standing and then how she walks away hahaha
@chrissi_belle @_phat_randy
@heathermarieb27 @billy_scott_3 at first I thought this page wasn’t really her but I guess it is. She sounds like a child 😐
@tabasco_and_me @louloudaley_
@gibomb23 loco
@ericacarbs @julzzy37 @andrea_zito_frausto
@missgemma903 @lauramcg9 just reminding you of this 😂😂
@fromneptuno @mariaguerraherbstein vos en el showroom
@mariaguerraherbstein Jajajajajajajajjaja
@_spookypup_ @whoschantel
@lilyolujic @axelolujic @umokjennifer 😐
@kill2die4 Sooo .lame😒
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