Scott Disick @letthelordbewithyou Scott Disick
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@letthelordbewithyou My little dumpling 🥟 ❤️
@belleborg @sticky.d8 I need P's boots
@lisajean827 P I LOVE YOUR PINK BOOTS💖
@mel_freue25 @mmonroy_ she’s your twin when you were little
@jewels__800 Beautiful
@mpmtzg Es Renata @nardavera
@rikkideebrown Twins
@caitlinvesper Why is this a mini @jenatkinhair
@sunday.cottage Such a cuties🌸These boots are everything!!!💕💗💕💗💕
@dalaimama311 Omg she’s the best!
@vegasvanhaute Looks JUST LIKE HER BROTHER!!
@littlewyse Im not the only one!! @s111wys
@thestoryinthesoil P!!
@mv0921_ Good stuff dude
@_sin83 They all look just like you Scott ❤️
@thee_best_realtor Poosh is so beautiful!
@danniharriss @_isabellaharris_ your pillows !
@lisa.vargas.1420354 Shes Darling!! Gorgeous!💕💕💕💕
@stellacoombs1968 Cutest Kid🦋🦋🦋
@tubasahinova such cutie
@regan.lit I had those exact same boots when I was 3 I stg 😭
@anastasiaperego Awwwwwwww
@ascott122789 LOVE those pink boots!
@fredahary Cute
@titans89892003 Love the pink boots 💕
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