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@letthelordbewithyou Been waiting all week to post this #wcw
@annmichellee_ @dlynpz
@shannie_mzsmooches Can't stand seeing the comments saying they should date etc. No. He is like her brother period she has respect for her big sister Kourtney and would never. The bond they have is strictly sibling love I'm sure.
@makjoyr @jordynkr wtf is this
@silentkittykat87_ He smashed the whole Kardashian family
@lmfrancis1 What's wcw x
@staciannaranda Daaannnggg making all the sisters jelly 😂❤️
@1nsrn @rou61i
@toniotortellini @micaalicious
@dchedda4life Y the wait
@eileenperezxo Wtf. Why would your baby mother’s sister be your wcw. Weird
@eileenperezxo @kourtneykardash what do you think about this. Isn’t this weird? Smh
@tanoushie @sahanajain
@the.i.am_ I bet
@des.abri1 Have some respect for the mother of your children maybe 🤣
@des.abri1 @kourtneykardash @khloekardashian ain’t this a little weird ??????
@sheila.rmz @ma.rianae
@spanishgalbri ❤️
@fuzzy_davee Okay and? They’re good friends, wcw is about a powerful woman not your lover
@graysons_mommy2 Uhm
@firstlady_ie They are BFF's. Calm down people 😄
@trendzfrmuptown Umm.... ok
@torikeefe @morgansmith9
@ash_wahal Hahahahaha
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