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@letthelordbewithyou Been waiting all week to post this #wcw
@jbec_12 😂
@juiceboardskrew Hottest woman ever 💎🏆🍾
@brelovely420 He post more about khole then his own gf or baby momma 🤔🤔🤔🤔it’s so clear they slept together I mean they wouldn’t want the family to know but they so want to make it known
@dean_lee_nene_ It's okay to post Khloe bcz they are friends
@brelovely420 Everywhere*
@king_narq King Troll
@brelovely420 What you can’t read? Oh I’m sorry you should pick up a book 🤔📚 what? Lol nah I think I’ll keep the one I have 💯👍🏼 😂
@reemrasem86 Hjjhgik7guio98778u⁷oo⁸look ⁸ŕ66y7yy776ýuyi. رث ؤبجشدحء
@cherri0berry @letthelordbewithyou honestly m patiently waiting to see you and @khloekardashian entertaining me... I admire how big u guys are, and how far u hv managed to just be great friends... Love u guys, love ur family as whole @letthelordbewithyou i am in absolute awe with the playhouse for ur kids, u & ur babymama @kourtneykardash u really came far n i love how u hv matured. Love from RSA,East London.
@jess.a.burton @sundaze89 wcw?!????? What the
@m.o @peyton.harvey
@0fficial_.k1 Alabama?
@brelovely420 See thank you someone who can see 🙏i guess every girl who thinks I’m crazy thinks it’s okay For there sister to show her bra to their bf.
@journee.bbyy hold on ....
@allierenner_ she still thinks you’re a douchelord 😂😂
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