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Highly intelligent, social and critical to maintaining ecosystem function for both flora and fauna, wolves continue to be managed as vermin by the BC government. Wolves like this coastal one have been found to be genetically distinct partly because they have evolved in an ocean influenced environment but also because they have not been persecuted to the extent that wolves across the rest of North America have. Imagine if every year someone came to planet earth and removed 30-50% of the human population - conservative estimates for wolf mortality where there are active cull and extermination programs occurring. It would not be long before we saw the loss of language groups, races, skin colour - we would become a homogeneous species lacking cultural and genetic diversity. Unfortunately, government wildlife managers do not recognize the importance of genetic diversity with wolves and as each evolutionary significant population is killed through hunting, trapping and other cull programs an irreplaceable living part of this planet is lost forever. 
With @d.leowinata @pacificwild 
#SaveBCWolves . . . 
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#Regram #RG @iantmcallister: Highly intelligent, social and critical to maintaining ...

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🚨Populations of Asian pangolins are estimated to have declined by up to 80% in the last 10 years. As they become harder to find, traders are increasingly moving to Africa to meet the growing demand. More than 50,000 killed pangolins have been discovered in 2 seizures one week apart🚨. Pangolins, the world’s only scaly mammal, are solitary and nocturnal. They roll up into a ball when threatened - making them very easy for poachers to catch. In 10 years, over 1 million pangolins have been illegally taken from the wild due to demand in China 🇨🇳 and Viet Nam 🇻🇳. It is the most illegally trafficked mammal on the planet. Their meat is considered a delicacy, while their scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine as they are believed to treat a range of ailments from asthma to arthritis and difficulty with lactation. Double tap and share this with a friend 👥 to raise awareness and stop the demand for pangolin parts! 📷© Lisa Hywood #wildforlife

#Regram #RG @unenvironment: 🚨Populations of Asian pangolins are estimated to ...

play_circle_filled Link in bio to watch “Earth” by @lildickygram. #WeLoveTheEarth

Link in bio to watch “Earth” by @lildickygram. #WeLoveTheEarth

Thank you to @lildickygram and all the artists that came together to make “Earth” happen. Net profits from the song, video, and merchandise will go to many @leonardodicapriofdn partners on the frontlines of implementing solutions to climate change. Link in bio to watch. #WeLoveTheEarth
The @leonardodicapriofdn partners that will benefit from this collaboration include: @sharkconservationfund, @100isNow, @globalgreengrants, the Quick Response Fund for Nature, and the Carbon Cycle Institute.

Thank you to @lildickygram and all the artists that came ...

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Pebble Mine threatens Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay—home to the world’s greatest wild salmon fishery. If fully developed, the massive proposed gold and copper mine could produce up to 10 billion tons of toxic waste. Even worse: That waste would then be held behind earthen dams in a region prone to big earthquakes. A big enough quake could send toxic sludge into the interconnected rivers and streams—contaminating the region’s prolific salmon runs. Speak up to save Bristol Bay via the link in our profile! -
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#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Pebble Mine threatens Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay—home ...

#Regram #RG @janegoodallinst: Thank you @leonardodicaprio for your support, friendship and leadership to help make this a better world. Dr. Goodall makes the #Time100 @time . Link in bio. | #drgoodall #drjanegoodall #inspiration #inspirational #janegoodall #time #environmentalism #chimpanzees #leaders #womenempowerment

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In case you missed it: The U.S. Senate confirmed David Bernhardt, a former oil lobbyist, as secretary of the Interior department on Thursday afternoon in a 56-41 vote. .
His work as a longtime lobbyist for the oil and gas industry has led to concerns about conflicts of interest. And as the head of the department, there is a high chance that Bernhardt will oversee businesses he once lobbied for.
Link in bio to read our story. 📸: Zach Gibson / Getty Images
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Photograph by @CristinaMittermeier // On expedition in the Bahamas last month our team found remnants of large elkhorn coral reefs hidden under the thin blue line. Elkhorn coral reefs are one of the most endangered coral species in the world. When these coral are healthy, their branches provide shelter for other reef species like lobsters and and parrot-fish. With @moorecharitable and @ceibahamas

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#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: With tons of trash burning and consumer goods chugging into its enormous port, Newark, NJ, is choked by a staggering amount of air pollution. Now, residents are fighting back, and they're fighting for clean air. 💪 A local environmental justice ordinance aims to give Newark’s Ironbound community “more say and more control over their own destiny,” says advocate Ana Baptista. Read more via the link in our profile.
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#Regram #RG @alexandriav2005: WEEK 17 of my @unitednations climate strike in NYC, We spent this week planning DIRECT ACTION for our future and we're in solidarity with @extinctionrebellion #RebellionWeek on 4/15, with Canada on 5/3 and we're ALL IN for #GlobalClimateStrike2 on 5/24! I had strikers from all over the country and world at my #climatestrike today! @maryellisstevens from North Carolina, @happy.healthy.andvegan from California, and Rebecca from Germany. Also many visitors showing their support!❣

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play_circle_filled #Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines: One of the most biodiverse places on earth - in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest - is under imminent threat from oil drilling. This is the home of the indigenous Waorani people, who have protected their ancestral forest lands for thousands of years – and now, on the eve of their high-stakes trial against the Ecuadorian government to stop an oil auction, they need to show authorities that the whole world is watching! 
Watch and share this powerful video about the Waorani people’s historic struggle in protection of their rainforest home and our climate, and sign the Waorani’s petition to support indigenous rights:
Link in bio. 
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Photos by @FransLanting The best way to document endangered animals like the Asiatic cheetah, which occurs only in Iran, is to use camera traps. It took the combined expertise of Iranian scientists and local wildlife rangers along with the permission of Iran’s Department of Environment and the support of an @NatGeo assignment to enable me to make this rare image of a male cheetah crossing a mountain pass. The second photo shows the teamwork that is required in the field. I am thankful to my friends in Iran for their help and devastated that two of the people shown in this photo have been in jail for more than a year now, accused of using camera traps for espionage: One of them may face the death penalty. But camera traps are not spy tools. Houman Jowkar and Amirhossein Khaleghi Hamidi worked with the government, not against it, and local rangers worked with them in the field. They were not operating on their own. They are patriots dedicated to saving one of Iran’s most powerful natural symbols from extinction. Yet they are on trial now along with six of their colleagues shown together in the third photo. Please spread word about this injustice and sign the Care2 petition by clicking on the link in my Instagram bio. @hrouhani @jzarif_ir @hediyehtehrany @Reza_Kianian_Official @mitra.hajjar @raisi_org @richardbranson @leonardodicaprio @hope4nature #ConservationIsNotaCrime #Free_Iran_Conservationists #anyhopefornature #hope4nature⁩⁩ #ConservationNeedsCameratraps #cheetahs #bigcats

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